I soon realised I was on a pilgrimage of sorts that ultimately became an expression, an assertion, and finally and acceptance of my femininity.

A Feather in my Step is the culmination of 10 years of self-exploration through the medium of the self-portrait.  The photographs all feature a headdress that became a talisman and mysteriously transformed and emboldened me. It inspired me to photograph myself wearing it in various wilderness areas and sacred places around the world.

I immersed myself in the blue waters of a legendary cave dug out by Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of the volcanoes, joined Hindu worshippers on the banks of the Ganges, travelled to the Island of the Moon in Lake Titicaca, stood where the Mayan king aligned himself with the solstice sun, gave an offering to Yemanya, the Brazilian goddess of the sea, and posed naked in the ashes of the Temple of Shame at the Burning Man festival.

I also made a Zen monk laugh.

Praise for A Feather in my Step:

‘A Feather in My Step is a fascinating auto-ethnographic journey of self discovery through the guide of an agentic object leading the reader into a pilgrimage of sacred locations around the world. Slowly the reader discovers the story behind such journey; a contemporary tale on loss and identity and a creative, passionate call for home as a nomadic condition’. Dr. Silvia Battista, Lecturer in Theatre and Performance Studies, Liverpool Hope University

‘A work of art and more. So brave, real, open, honest.’ Margot Sennett

‘A real inspiration. A brave journey. Humbled.’  Michelle Carey

‘Every paragraph made me think of someone else I loved … and I wished they could have a copy .’  Siobhan Cassidy

Book details: 250 x 200 mm. Printed 48 pages thread sewn on 200gr Matt Art. Front and back endpapers printed pantone 260u both sides on 135gr Cartridge White. Dust jacket printed in 4 colours one side only on 150gr Matt Art. Folded, collated and thread sewn. Full bound and cased in 2300 micron board with Buckram Grey 541. Silver foiled on face and spine. Printed by Hansa Print, Cape Town.