• Jerry Baldwin
  • Ricky Dyaloyi
  • Marty Fromm
  • Nan Bovingdon
  • Isiseko
  • Betterchoice Gumboots Dance
  • Shibuie: Accidental Beauty
  • Jikeleza
  • Christiaan January
  • Maxine Stahl
  • Tibetan Refugee Nuns
  • Marie Watt: Heirloom



I consider myself a visual storyteller and use a combination of still images, moving images and sound to record how I see the world and interpret other people’s stories. A Master’s degree in Photojournalism at the University of Montana introduced me to multimedia. The technology available to us today makes it possible to produce multimedia singlehandedly. Inspired by Arnold Newman’s environmental portraits of well-known artists, I decided to extend the notion of the portrait of an artist into the multimedia realm.  I ventured into the studios and performance venues of local artists and produced a weekly multimedia column called Conversations with Missoula Artists for NewWest magazine in Missoula, Montana. I have produced videos for Uthando, a Non Profit and Fair Trade in Tourism accredited company in Cape Town. Uthando aims to raise funds for community development projects in South Africa. Witnessing an illiterate elder crying as she watched her video interview for an e-book that is being published early next year reminded me of the value of preserving personal histories, both for the subject and the viewer.