• Olive trees
  • Il Ciolo
  • Trullo
  • Il Molo, The Pier, Torre Pali
  • Spring Flowers, Ruffano
  • Carob Tree, Masseria Don Cirillo, Ugento, Salento, Italy
  • Torre Pali Beach
  • Porto Miggiano
  • Indian Fig Tree
  • Marina Serra, Tricase Porto
  • Pepperoni
  • Watchtower Ruin, Torre Pali



Salento, sometimes called the Salentina Peninsula, is a region found in Puglia in the southernmost part of Italy. Located between the Ionian and Adriatic Seas, Salento was inhabited by the Greeks in Classical times. Some of the ancient Greek traditions such as the importance of hospitality remain to this day. The vegetation consists of vast stretches of centuries-old olive trees with thick, twisting trunks. The high-quality olive oil produced in Salento constitutes a significant portion of Italy’s agricultural economy. The rich, blood-red soil gives birth to an explosion of spring flowers and delicious fruit and vegetables. Summer brings sun-worshippers from the north and visitors and locals alike bathe in the azure waters. “Salento, il mare, il sole, il vento” (Salento, the sea, the sun, the wind) is the motto used to describe this very unique and authentic corner of Italy.